Translating Your Expertise: From ‘Expert’ to ‘English’

Expert, or academic English and the English we use in every day communication are two very different beasts. It is often necessary for academics to translate their research into language suitable for broad audiences, whether that be in writing or verbally. This is an essential skill for experts and academics researchers, necessary to ensure competitiveness in everything from grant application rounds to scholarship applications. It is also essential that experts can engaging with intelligent generic audiences, such as industry, the public, academics in other disciplines, and the media.

This workshop will hone expert and researcher skills in generic communication, teaching the communication of clear and concise ideas, and while maintaining the integrity of their research.

‘Translating Your Expertise’ is suitable for experts or high achievers in any field of endeavour, from business to academia. This includes postgraduate candidates/students and academics presenting posters at conferences, as well as those pitching ideas to individuals or groups in the corporate, and government sectors.

Workshop content summary:

  • Why generic English?
  • Principles of mass communication
  • How to structure a written piece
  • How to adapt your written piece to a speech

Learning Objectives:
This workshop develops

  • Communication skills
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Speaking skills
  • Writing skills