So What?: Creating an Outstanding Academic Profile

A strong academic profile (as seen on your university webpage, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms) is essential for academics at all levels, including postgraduate students and research candidates. A profile can not only help you outline your work, but showcase it to a variety audiences. It can help you identify your unique academic attributes, which in turn can help you be identified by collaborators, employers, and potential research postgraduate canddiates.

Practically, your profile allows you to track your citations and manage your publications list, in addition to helping you avoid misidentification. You can also use it as a tool to identify points of strength and opportunity in your work.

Workshop content:

  • What is an academic profile?
  • Creating an impactful profile
  • Raising your profile
  • Articulate your academic point of difference
  • Strategies for written & verbal elevator pitches
  • Making the most of your academic profile
  • Using your profile on social media

Workshop purposes:

  • Create an impactful academic profile
  • Help raise participants’ academic profiles

Learning Objectives:

This workshop develops

  • Writing skills
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Speaking skills
  • Social media skills