From Evidence to Argument

Linking your evidence to a strong argument is key to producing a great thesis or academic paper. Evidence does not stand alone. You need to carefully and eloquently integrate it into an argument and create an academic story or narrative to support your claims. But how do you do this, and do it well?

This workshop helps you to figure out what you need to do with your evidence when you have it, developing argument-making skills. It is ideal for Higher Degree by Research (PhD and Masters) candidates pre-confirmation (at the beginning of candidature) and post-confirmation (in the middle and towards the end of candidature).

Workshop content:

  • What is evidence, what is an argument?
  • Using evidence
  • Organising your evidence
  • Stating your claims: the academic edition
  • Opinion versus argument
  • Your argument
  • Assessing your argument: quality and uniqueness

Workshop purposes:

  • To help participants create a unique and interesting academic argument
  • To help participants assess the quality of their own work

Learning Objectives:

This workshop develops

  • Complex reasoning skills
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Writing skills
  • Planning skills