Pandemic PhD

Helping postgraduates and researchers stay productive and stem the tide of public misinformation during uncertain times.

Pandemic PhD: Part 2

Managing your Advisor/Supervisor during COVID19. Advice for Phd candidates and their supervisors…

Managing Your Advisor/Supervisor is one of my most popular offline workshops. Here I provide a summary of the advice I give in lecture form, with an emphasis on working with them through this crisis.

Pandemic PhD: Part 1

Planning your research project around the pandemic, and all that comes with it.

Sound planning is essential to see a successful resolution of any project. Yet most of us have never lived through anything quite like the COVID-19 pandemic, nor have had to try and work through a situation like this. So what now? This video aims to get you thinking about how you can make the most of this highly altered research environment, and develop some basic research strategies to help you get something–anything–done.

Honestly, I tossed up whether to post this lecture not. It’s not a perfect, polished, lecture presentation. But that’s the point. As working parents, we’re all in this together. Hopefully you’ll have a little giggle as my mind is slightly distracted by the noise my family is making in the background as they continue their more confined version of life.

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