Clients & Testimonials

My awesome clients include:


“Honestly the content was so very relevant to actual practical work we do as PhDs. Also Eliza was a marvellous easy to follow and engaging presenter. The slides were tops. One of the best workshops/seminars I have attended.” (PhD Canddiate, Griffith University)

“Eliza has undertaken high-level facilitation across large retreat and research events in my academic school. She is a pleasure to work with and provides an outstanding end-to-end customer experience from project conception to final reports and debrief. Highly professional, she engages deeply with new projects balancing user requirements with her wealth of experience to create high-quality events. On the day she skilfully leads events, engages staff, challenges input and contributions with an eye for detail and ability to summarise, and synthesise information, debates, and discussions at pace. Highly empathetic she can effectively move large groups through a a complex itinerary, read the room and change the pace or mood but always with a goal to achieve the meeting objectives.” (Head of School, Griffith University)

“People you meet stand out for different reasons. Some you would rather forget. Others leave a mark because they do something special, or they are just out of the ordinary. Eliza is both.
I met her in her role at the university, as she supported higher degree (HDR) students through one of the most difficult times of their lives.
She facilitated. She supported. She advised. She advocated.
HDR work can be a lonely path and many do not make it through.
Maybe, just maybe, if we had more like Eliza in senior roles in universities, more students would realise their dreams. Many more would still qualify, but perhaps a little less scarred by the process.
I can do no more than recommend Eliza and wish her well in her new roles 🙂” (Department of Justice, Tasmania)

“Whilst I was a board director and Chair of the Sciences committee for Women in Technology (Queensland) we engaged Eliza, through a professional recommendation, to facilitate some of our Sciences networking events. The attendees at these workshops were Women from all areas of Science, with professional roles including within academia and industry. Eliza provided informative and vibrant facilitation, supporting successful networking with effective and fun collaborative tasks for attendees, with very positive feedback. Eliza’s innovative and individual style of facilitation broke down barriers commonly associated with traditional networking events. Her professionalism, delivery and personable nature are a perfect combination, I highly recommend Eliza.” (Board Director, Women in Technology (Qld))

“Eliza has extensive knowledge of the higher education sector and is comfortable working with all levels of leadership. Further, Eliza is an extremely engaging and well prepared facilitator who ensures that everyone actively participates, feels like their voice is heard and delivers consensus on concrete actions for progression.” (Business Development Manager, CSIRO)

“Eliza is incredibly well informed, authentic and genuinely cares about the students/candidates she works with. She brings great insight and value to the projects that she is involved in. I have always enjoyed working with her and recommend her involvement in any project in the HDR and candidate supervision space.” (Director, Australian Human Research Consulting Service)